ENT physician checking patient`s ear using otoscope to a child

Many conditions can affect the ears. Some common ones include:

Otitis media, or infection or inflammation of the middle ear, is the most common cause of hearing loss in children. While most commonly occurring in children, it can also be present in teens and adults and can lead to speech and balance problems, hearing loss, or changes in the structure of the eardrum. This condition can occur in one or both ears and can occur repeatedly, in some cases with persistent fluid in the middle ear. If so, ear tubes are often recommended and placed by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Tinnitus is the medical term for “ringing in the ears,” which includes noises ranging from loud roaring to clicking, humming, or buzzing. Assistive hearing devices and medical treatments are often used to treat this condition.

Earwax build-up is one of the most common and treatable causes of hearing loss. It is not advisable to use cotton swabs or other small objects in removing earwax because it only pushes the earwax deeper into the ear, which increases buildup inside the ear, affecting hearing. Excessive earwax can be a chronic condition best treated by an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Other conditions, including perforated, or hole in, eardrum, autoimmune or inflammatory ear disease, and various others are treated by our ear nose and throat specialist. For more information, please contact us.